FC-M8120-B2 XT 36x26x170mm 12-spd Boost Hollowtech 2 w/o BB Parts

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SHIMANO DEORE XT - HOLLOWTECH II - MTB Crankset - 178 mm Q-Factor - 2x12-speed

The SHIMANO DEORE XT FC-M8120-B2 crank features an entirely new construction, using direct mount chainrings, special gear tooth profile for improved chain retention, and a 178mm Q-factor

Features :

  • Rigid and lightweight design for aggressive trail riding
  • Hollow forged crank maximizes power transfer while limiting weight

  • Rider tunable
  • Exchangeable single/double chainring
  • Direct Mount
  • Crankset can be used as common component

    Recommended bottom bracket_Press-fit - BB-MT800-PA

    Recommended bottom bracket_Threaded (normal) - BB-MT800