Bag Bike Travel Case Mega

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PRO’s Bike Travel Case Mega has everything you need to travel safely with your bike. It’s a soft case, a hard case, one you can break down, one with padding, and, it rolls on its own wheels.

It starts out as a formless soft case. To get it ready to travel, you stiffen up the bag with frame elements around the edges as well as an aluminum frame that secures to both the bag and the bike.

You start by removing the wheels and securing the bike to the frame. It can work with both road and mountain bikes, both quick releases and thru-axles. The handlebars come off. The saddle and post can come off. The pedals have their own bag. The wheels go in outside pockets. you secure everything by protecting the frame with padding and then adding pads to the bag walls to prevent them from banging into the bike.

The bag measures 138cm by 56cm by 32cm. Weight, unpacked is about 9.5kg. When packed, you can roll the bag on the built in casters.